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More than a decade of exciting debates on issues affecting transatlantic relations.

Back in 2003, when US and European leaders were at odds over the Iraq intervention, we thought it was time to act. The future of transatlantic relations should not rely on politicians and elites alone, but should be based on a much broader transatlantic discourse and debate. In 2004 the German NGO Atlantische Initiative e.V. was founded in Berlin by Dr. Johannes Bohnen and Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen.

In 2007, we have launched Atlantic-community.org – the first online foreign policy think tank. we encouraged and facilitated exciting debates on a variety of topics, ranging from NATO summits to TTIP and climate change. The best ones were summarized as Atlantic Memos, distributed widely across the community and shared with policy makers.

Over the last fourteen years we’ve also witnessed a world that is changing in a speed unseen in the past 100 years. Globalization and digitalization are revolutionizing economic relations and transforming societies around the world.

As a result, long-established global power dynamics are continually challenged, giving rise to non-state actors.

In a world of increasing multipolarity, who will define the technological standards of the future, as well as its ethics, norms and rules? Atlantic Community relies on partners and open debate to identify solutions.

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