Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Atlantic Community.

What is your mission?

Under the motto “Foreign Policy for All” we are promoting civil society exchange in the Atlantic community.

We offer a platform where people from the center of German society can reflect on transatlantic ties and their future. In this way, we contribute to a dialogue between citizens, associations and political decision-makers in Germany and America and put transatlantic issues on the public agenda: diverse, open and constructive.

In recognition of our differences, we formulate common perspectives for our shared global challenges. Through pointed debates within Germany and between Germany and the United States, we promote a culture of debate on foreign policy and equip our partnership for the future.

Find out more about our mission here.

how do you contribute to the transatlantic relations?

We strongly believe that smart policies and a strong transatlantic bond can only exist if we unite a broad range of people behind it.

What we witness is that transatlantic topics or international affairs are often only discussed between a “foreign policy circle”. Other people rarely participate in these debates. This makes it so difficult to develop a narrative for the US-German and US-European partnership which assembles a wide majority behind it.

As such, we try to “break the bubble” and bring people from a wide spectrum of opinions, background, and foreign policy expertise together. To make our transatlantic relations work, we need a “Foreign Policy for All”. Transatlantic policies affect everyone. So everyone should be onboard.

Besides this inclusive character, we believe that it is necessary to communicate both our commonalities and differences between the USA, Germany, and Europe. Only with this honesty, we can move towards a sustainable, strategic cooperation in a transatlantic bond fit for the 21st century.

How can I support your work?

The Atlantic Community lives from its voluntary engagement by its members and supporters. Therefore, we welcome your contributions of any kind: May it be a great idea, a sharp analysis, or a financial contribution. We find the best way for us to come together.

You can take a closer look on our memberships, the possibility to submit an article for our blog, or financial contributions. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Via email:

Via phone: +49 176 471 496 03

We also encourage you to share and spread the word about Atlantic Community and our work. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to to stay up to date. Share the valuable information with your friends.

Can I publish my article on your blog?

As an open think tank we provide a platform for anyone with good ideas on how to improve transatlantic policy. Under the motto “Foreign Policy for All” we encourage everyone to develop and share their analyses, commentary, and policy advice on contemporary transatlantic issues. We look for a constructive and controversial debate between diverse point of views.

Find out more about how to submit your opinion here.

Can i republish your memos and articles?

Republish our memos is generally encouraged, as long as you remember to give all credit to and link back to us.

Please check with our editorial team first to republish any other article and contact them via or

Atlantic Community or Atlantische Initiative?

Probably you have already encountered both names: “Atlantic Community” and “Atlantische Initiative e.V.” – so, what is this all about?

The answer is pretty straightforward: The association Atlantische Initiative has once established the Atlantic Community as a project: The blog that exists until today. However, over time, more and more activities were taking place around this blog. Consequently, the name “Atlantic Community” became known to a wider audience. Some knew that this is the blog of the Atlantische Initiative, others didn’t. So, in the end, we decided to go forward with the name “Atlantic Community” only. This avoids that two names are used when talking about the same after all.

Thus, today, we are known only under term “Atlantic Community”. It is both used for the blog and the association.

German or English?

The short answer is: Both!

We are an association based in Berlin, Germany, and operate under he German law of associations. As a consequence, for example, our charter is in German.

At the same time, we want to create German-American and European-American connections. Thus, we need to be able to reach both communities on each side of the Atlantic. For this reason, we have decided to keep our website in English. We believe that this enables us to reach both groups the best.

However, not everyone in Germany is fluent in English. As such, some of our events are hold in German. This allows us to include non-English speakers as well. Since they belong to the Atlantic Community like everyone else, our events cover both languages. We always state clearly in which language the event is taking place.

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