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Your voice matters! Under our motto “Foreign Policy for All” we encourage you to send us texts on your ideas, visions, opinions, and analyses of the transatlantic bond.

We encourage everyone to develop and share their analyses, commentary, and policy advice on contemporary transatlantic issues in the fields of economy, international security, globalization, and more. We are happy to give your profound contributions a platform.

It is our belief that better transatlantic relations require a wide inclusion of diverse point of views. Only with an open and honest dialogue, we can path the way for smart transatlantic policies of the future. This includes constructive criticism, open minds, and a platform to exchange ideas.

From the foreign policy professional to the foreign policy news reader. From the CEO to the worker on the street. From Cottbus to Cologne. From San Diego to the Niagara Falls.

We want to hear you out.

Byline: Please remember to include an author byline at the end of your article (1-2 sentences about yourself). Below the byline, please include a pledge that the article is entirely your original work and that you have not plagiarized from someone else.

Timeline: We will confirm within 5-7 days that we have received your submission. The editorial team will then review your piece and contact you as soon as possible regarding the status of your submission. Please note that we give preference to articles on time-sensitive topics.

Guidelines: Please consult our editorial guidelines and advice for writing op-eds. Before you start writing your article please send us a short outline of your article idea. We look forward to read from you!



You can submit your piece to one of our Editors via email.

Dr. Thomas Dahms

Dr. Thomas Dahms



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